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The Best Group Training in East Arlington
#1 Group Training Gym In East Arlington

We are proud to offer a range of group training programs at our East Arlington gym that are designed to meet the needs and goals of every individual.

Our dynamic lineup includes everything from high-energy bootcamp sessions that challenge you to push your limits, to outdoor bootcamp classes that blend fitness with fresh air and natural surroundings. For those seeking a more personalized group experience, our small group training offers the benefits of tailored workouts in a supportive, communal setting. For older adults, our Active Aging Fitness program is designed to help you be more functional in your daily life.

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or looking to add variety to your routine, Inspire Fitness Studio has something for everyone. Join us at our gym in East Arligton and discover the power of group training.

Boot Camp

This cardio-based workout* incorporates multi-movement strength exercises. We use kettlebells and dumbbells, combined with cardiovascular and flexibility training to work your body in every way possible.

*offered both in-studio and outdoors

Outdoor Boot Camp

Offered both Spring and Fall

Active Aging Fit

Basic strength training, balance drills and flexibility improvement helps you become more functional. You’ll gain more confidence in your daily life for activities like working around the house, playing with your grandkids, etc.

In-Person Small Group Training

Only 3 - 6 members in each class

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