5 Fitness Tips to Get in Shape This Year

If getting in shape is on your to-do list this year, you’re not alone! In fact, some sort of physical goal, whether it be losing weight, gaining muscle, or just being more active, is one of the most common resolutions every year.

Sticking to a fitness goal can seem challenging, especially if you’re not setting attainable goals. However, it doesn’t always have to be such concrete goals like being able to squat a specific amount of weight, doing x amount of pull ups, or running 10 miles. Sometimes, taking small steps every day that leads to overall better health habits can make all the difference.

We have some simple fitness tips that you can follow to help you live a healthier lifestyle this year!

Fitness Tip #1: Portion Your Meals

Whether you’re on a diet or not, paying attention to your portion sizes makes a big difference in overall calorie consumption. So rather than thinking of foods as “bad” or “good,” this allows you to eat food that will fuel you, while still being conscious about what you’re consuming.

Planning out your meals, and prepping them at the beginning of the week can be helpful. Many dietitians will also recommend using a log to track your food, to give you a better idea of how much you’re consuming. This can also show you the breakdown of your calories as well as macro-nutrients (fats, proteins, and carbohydrates), which all play an important role in your diet.

Fitness Tip #2: Drink More Water

This should come as no surprise, but drinking the correct amount of water to stay hydrated throughout the day is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Staying hydrated is beneficial for a variety of reasons, and helps to improve your overall wellness.

While some people are quick to grab a sports drink when heading to the gym, these are typically full of sugar and contain caffeine, which can actually dehydrate you. Try swapping out these drinks for water, and you’ll be consuming enough water in no time. It’s also simple to do, and doesn’t cost anything!

Fitness Tip #3: Get Enough Sleep

Just as important as exercising and eating a nutritious diet is to being healthy, getting enough sleep is also a crucial part. Getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night will keep your body charged and ready to conquer not only your workouts but your day to day activities, too.

If getting this much sleep at night is a challenge, you can take small naps before exercising, but no more than a half-hour, as any longer will prevent you from sleeping at night.

Fitness Tip #4: Stay Active

This one may seem obvious, but we don’t just mean exercising in a gym – we mean staying more active throughout the day to burn more calories. For example, try adding a standing desk to your office, and mix in a few hours of standing rather than sitting all day.

You can also try to get out for a half-hour walk during your lunch break rather than watching another Netflix episode on your phone. Incorporating these healthy and active habits throughout your day might be the extra kick start you need!

Hire a Personal Trainer Near You

Lastly, if you’re ready to get in the best shape of your life in 2020, hiring a personal trainer near you can give you the guidance and motivation necessary to make it happen.

At Inspire Fitness Studio, our certified personal trainers have the knowledge and experience to transform your workout routine. Get in contact with us today to get started and schedule your free consultation!

Joe Rindone, NCPT is a certified personal trainer and the Founder of Inspire Fitness Studio in Arlington, MA. Joe’s passion for fitness has motivated him to become one Greater Boston’s best personal trainers. An athlete throughout high school and college, Joe has always enjoyed being active. Currently he enjoys road races, working with his boxing coach, kettlebell training and getting out for a round of golf in his spare time.